EcoVal, with the Sphere 2020 Project, is co-financier of the Mantova Hub Project


Project Sphere 2020 Mantua – updating


September 2016 – Agreement between Building Energy Slavonija 1 d.o.o. and the Municipality of Borovo, Croatia

Building Energy Slavonia 1 d.o.o., operating branch of Building Energy d.o.o., has signed with the Municipality of Borovo, represented by Mr. Mayor Zoran Baćanović, the final Agreement for the beginning of the process that will lead to the construction of the first biomass power plant included in the larger economic development strategic project called Zelene Energije (please see news dated October 2014).

The Agreement set forth the acquisition of the right to build in the area belonging to the Municipality of Borovo, Croatian city near the Serbian border. This goal involves the granting of the above mentioned right of property for a thirty years period.

Here the photos of the meeting at the Municipality of Borovo headquarters.




August 2016 – The Tunisian Minister Khaled Chouket visits EcoVal

Ecoval has had the honor of having as welcome guest the Tunisian Minister for Relations with Parliament, Mr Khaled Chouket, on visit in Italy to learn about the technologies proposed by Ecoval for the development of renewable energies.

During his stay, Ecoval has visited on August 25th 2016 the company Revet, showing to Mr. Minister one of the most advanced waste recovery models in Europe.

Revet has made their plants available at the facility in Gello in Tuscany, designed and developed for the collection, sorting and preparation for recycling of packaging differently collected by the Tuscan citizens.

The Minister Khaled Chouket was very enthusiastic about the visit and showed his strong interest in the plants proposed by EcoVal.

Visita Ministro Khaled Chouket_foto I

Visita Ministro Khaled Chouket_foto II

From left: Mr. Piergiorgio Acquati, Mr. Diego Barsotti, Tunisian Minister Khaled Chouket, Mr. Mario Fabio Valotti.

Project Sphere 2020 – Another important step

EcoVal & Co. Srl continues its work in Mantua for the concretization of the Project Sphere 2020.

To this end on June 9th, 2016 a new managing holding company has been established, the company is called Green Project Mantova Srl and its ownership is divided among Ecoval (60%), Sol.Co. Mantova (20%) and Consorzio Vivaisti Europei (20%).

Another important step, therefore, for Ecoval and its partners in the journey towards the achievement of the preset objectives.


05/05/2016 – Mantua, official presentation of the Project Sphere 2020 at the local headquarters of the Lombardy Region.

The Project Sphere 2020 for the post-IES reindustrialization officially presented on May 5th, 2016.

Here follows the links of the article published by Gazzetta di Mantova and of the report broadcast by Telemantova:

Gazzetta di Mantova article;

Report of Telemantova.


Project Sphere 2020 – Innovation, environmental sustainability and ethical commitment

On Wednesday, March 16th, 2016, with the approval of the Authorities, EcoVal & Co. Srl closed, together with the cooperative Sol.Co Mantova and Consorzio Vivaisti Europei, an agreement with IES – Italiana Energia & Servizi SpA to start a Project for the industrialization of an area previously occupied by a petrochemical complex and currently owned by IES.

The Project, called Sphere 2020, is the result of the cooperation between the Parties and will bring many economic and environmental benefits to Mantua.

There are two main purposes:

  • the creation of new jobs through the construction of a plant for the production of Herbal Crops® pellet, brand of EcoVal, dedicated biomass to be used in agro-energetic supply chains,
  • the environmental recovery of a now disused area, thanks to the phytoremediation process, which is a natural technology that uses the capability of some plants to remove soil pollutants for the reclamation of polluted land.

The Project, which will be officially presented on May 5th, 2016 at the Lombardy Region headquarters in Mantua, has been well accepted also by ex- IES employees, who first will benefit from the re-employment.

For more information, please visit the website of the newspaper Gazzetta di Mantova:

Gazzetta di Mantova


18/03/2016 – EcoVal & Co. continues its work in Croatia, closed the agreement with the Municipality of Borovo and the local agricultural cooperative Brestove Mede

Ecoval & Co. Srl, on the basis of the agreement with Building Energy SpA, continues its work on the Croatian territory through the local company Building Energy d.o.o.
This local company has recently closed with satisfaction the agreement with the Municipality of Borovo and the agricultural cooperative Brestove Mede to develop the engineering and construction of the first of the five 5 MW cogeneration plants to be erected within the strategic project Zelene Energije.

With the cooperative Brestove Mede, Building Energy d.o.o. will implement in particular the supply chain based on dedicated biomass, including Herbal Crops®, the non-food hybrid energy crop specifically studied by EcoVal & Co., to be used in the cogeneration plants above mentioned.


RDP 2014-2020 – Molise

On November 27th, 2015 the Molise Region has presented a new RDP 2014-2020 call (Rural Development Programme) to support investments in farms (Measure 4).

The Submeasure 4.2 of the call admits also power plants for the production of energy from renewable sources, used exclusively for internal consumption. An important opportunity given to local farms and farmers to enhance their products, turning them from waste into resource.

Our power plants fueled by 100% poultry manure (or any other type of biomass) fit perfectly in this context, opening the door to many benefits, allowing the breeder to obtain not only the incentives of the GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici), but to participate in the call for any further financial support provided by the RDP.

For any information request do not hesitate to contact us, our technical-commercial office will be at your disposal to show You the benefits of a poultry manure power plant and erase any of Your doubts.

Useful links:




RDP 2014-2020 – Campania

On November 20th, 2015 the Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020 has been approved for the Campania Region.
The RDP 2014-2020 for Campania will provide significant opportunities to local farms and will guarantee financial support also for power plants producing energy from renewable sources.
Breeders and local farmers will be able to optimize the poultry manure or any other type of by-product using the incentives guaranteed by the GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici) and participating to the call for a possible further financial support.

The technical-commercial office of EcoVal & Co. Srl will be at your disposal for any information request and will be pleased to show You the economic and environmental benefits of its biomass power plants.

Useful links:



28/10/2015 – EcoVal & Co. Srl in the magazine Professione Avicunicoltore

Ecoval & Co. Srl will be also in the issue No° 6 November/December 2015 of the magazine Professione Avicunicoltore with its energy power plants fueled by 100% poultry manure.

For more information, please visit the website of the publishing house:


28/10/2015 – EcoVal & Co. Srl in the magazine Professione Avicunicoltore

Ecoval & Co. Srl is in the issue No° 5 September/October 2015 of the magazine Professione Avicunicoltore with its power plants fueled by poultry manure.

For more information, please visit the website of the publishing house:


EcoVal & Co. Srl Worldwide – Northern Sudan, the Project for food indipendence continues

Born thanks to the diligence of consolidated companies professionally active in the cooperation and agribusiness development, the Project designed by EcoVal & Co. Srl aims at launching a wheat production supply chain in the Sudanese territory (250,000 tons/year).

The collaboration of leading companies in the agricultural sector such as Maschio Gaspardo and Same Deutz-Fahr has proved to be crucial for the agricultural mechanization of the Country.

Over the years EcoVal & Co. Srl has actively worked to complete the Project, organizing and participating in meetings with Ministers and local Administrators in order to reach the necessary agreements.

Here follows an overview of the visits to the partners of the Project. The Sudanese Authorities also attended these meetings.

22/07/2015 – Visit to the Same Deutz-Fahr headquarters. 

21/07/2015 – Maschio Gaspardo headquarters, meeting with personalities involved. 

03/03/2014 – Meeting at Same Deutz-Fahr headquarters.

03/03/2014 – Meeting at Maschio Gaspardo headquarters.

18/12/2013 – Meeting at Same Deutz-Fahr headquarters.

06/07/2015 – EcoVal & Co. Srl in Marocco for the SIAM (Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc) fair

Online today, on “La Nouvelle Tribune”, the article written by the Archt. Pascal Di Fazio, dedicated to the 10th edition of the “SIAM” (Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc), having the theme: “Agriculture and food systems.”

After an interesting introduction on the key role of agriculture in Morocco, the Archt. Pascal Di Fazio describes in the article some major Italian companies present at the event, including Ecoval & Co. Srl.

With the support of Mr. Luigi Candido Bertagna, Ecoval & Co. Srl has in fact had the opportunity to participate in this prestigious event, presenting its activities and its willingness to work in the area through the production of renewable energy and through polluted water recovery systems for water treatment and purification.

The President and CEO of Ecoval & Co. Srl is excited for the opportunity and hopes to actively intervene in Morocco in the near future for the development of the Country.

Here is the link for the full article:


June 2015 – This month on Brescia Selection magazine cover dedicated to EcoVal & Co. Srl

This month EcoVal & Co. Srl is in the issue 14 June 2015 of the famous magazine Brescia Selection. On the cover there is the CEO, Mr. Mario Fabio Valotti.
Inside the magazine, dedicated to the most important industrial realities in the area, you can find an interesting article about the main activities of the company.

For more information, please visit the website of the newspaper:



10/11/14– Agreement between EcoVal & Co. Srl and the American company HPIL EnergyTech Inc.  

EcoVal & Co. Srl announces with great pleasure the cooperative relationship established with HPIL Holding, an important American company quoted on stock exchanges.

On November 11th, 2014, HPIL EnergyTech Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the HPIL Holding company, and the same EcoVal & Co. Srl entered into a cooperation agreement for the progress and the expansion of projects concerning the renewable energy sector and especially for the development of an agro-energy project, called Energy & Profit, which involves the use of Herbal Crops ® in a supply chain.

The President and CEO of EcoVal & Co. Srl, Mr. Mario Fabio Valotti, and the President and CEO of HPIL Holding, Mr. Louis Bertoli, are excited and hope for a strong and successful future relationship for both parties.

For more information regarding HPIL Holding, please visit the following website:


31/10/14 – Agreement between EcoVal & Co. Srl and the Agricultural Cooperative Society Consorzio Vivaisti Europei

EcoVal & Co. Srl is pleased to announce the new cooperative relationship established with the Agricultural Cooperative Society Consorzio Vivaisti Europei.

On October 31st, 2014 the parties signed a cooperation agreement for the development of a global project called “Sumadia Green/Plan for the Future”, which aims at the growth of the renewable energy sector in Serbia through the creation of an agro-energy supply chain dedicated to the use of Herbal Crops ® and through the enhancement of waste products obtained from the maintenance of public and private parks and gardens and from forestry.

The President and CEO of EcoVal & Co. Srl, Mr. Mario Fabio Valotti, and the President and CEO of the Conosorzio Vivaisti Europei, Mr. Stefano Ottoni, are both satisfied and confident in a closer and more productive future relationship.

October 2014 – Co-development agreement between EcoVal & Co. Srl and Building Energy SpA

EcoVal & Co. Srl, which is operative in Croatia since 2007, has recently signed with the important company Building Energy SpA a co-development agreement that foresees the set up of a local Croatian company, the Building Energy d.o.o. (51% BE – 49% EcoVal).

EcoVal & Co. Srl has invested since 2011 in a project called Zelene Energjie, promoted by the relevant Croatian Ministries and that aims at the development of supply chains based on dedicated biomass crops cultures, included Herbal Crops ® to be used in co-generation plants.

Building Energy d.o.o. aims at the design and the construction of five 5 Mw cogeneration plants and five 2 MW cogeneration plants within the next 3 years.

For more information regarding Building Energy SpA, please visit the following website:


11/04/14 – Industrial emissions: changes to the Environmental Law

The Legislative Decree 46/2014 enters into force today; it updates the rules on authorizations, supervisions and environmental penalties for industries with high pollution potential, integrating them into the Law 152/2006.

An advanced approach to the environmental problems of  the industrial activities involved (energy , metallurgy, mining, chemical, waste sectors and  animals breeding ) of integrated type is provided. Moreover, with this disposition, the provisions regarding the rules on incineration and co-incineration of waste are included in the Legislative Decree no. 152/06, with some changes to the previously applicable disciplines. News also for the integrated prevention and reduction of pollution (“Aia”), large combustion plants and flying organic compounds, with updates also for the penalty systems.

Legislative Decree no. 46/2014:



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